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June, 25th

Dressing Room Decor

Author: Michael Carroll



Walk-in closets and dressing rooms have become unique architectural experiences. Some the size of a studio apartment and others cleverly designed to enlarge the sense of space. They include cabinetry, storage, shirt drawers, and closets specific to dresses, suits, outwear, shoes, and more. They are furnished, mirrored, and lit to help you look your best. And, trending now are unique lighting fixtures designed just for your dressing needs.

Closets may include laundry appliances, makeup tables, jewelry vaults, and even kitchenettes. The objective is to display as much as care for your clothes. They have become refuges, “she shacks” and/or man caves for the best in personal fashion. Whatever their purpose, they require lighting to accent the style and good fortune of the occupants.


The Caramella, for example, is a full bodied, imposing chandelier for any room.

A broad circle of taupe fabric encircles clusters of tumbling clear crystals balls. Each glass globe reflects and disperse the light hidden lamps.

In a dressing room, it is task light illuminating the contents and people enough to make changes and subtle enough to warm a room designed in neutrals.

If you’re looking for something classic and high fashion, the Montreal blushes beneath decorative plated polished nickel. A web of spun, clear art Hermes glass stretches across the bottom to spread the light and increase the sophistication in a dressing room favoring pale rose or blue/gray. If your woodwork favors cherry or mahogany lines, the Montreal tops off the traditional décor.



The Lotus, on the other hand, is a piece of whimsy. Its etched and clouded Murano glass petals peel away from the center so no two are alike. Interesting, sculpted, romantic, exotic, Lotus is all of these. Its light adds space to the room along with grace and elegance.

The Pioggia is a drum in linen or pink sateen. That rich simplicity is surprised by a burst of random crystal shapes the tumble from its center. Daring and original, the fixture combines its contemporary surprise with its otherwise unadorned classic shape.



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